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Safe and fun for the whole family!

Taking your partner and / or children on your Adventure holidays can be very difficult. On a Kitethrills holiday you can be be assured that there is many activities to entertain both your children and your partner while you rip up the lagoons and waves. Everything from organised group games for children to full 5 star hotel relaxation services and spa treatments, nearby shopping, diving and pool activities, music and live entertainment and of course all the adventure tours all within a nearby proximity.

The Riu Creole also has first class security and camera surveillance for peace of mind. 

Happy Wife, Happy Life…

If your partner does not Kitesurf there are many free and paid activities that you can still both do to share a great experience! (Yes you will have to park your kite and have a break sometimes! :D)

Unlike many other kitesurf camps around the world, you can be assured your partner and family will enjoy their stay just as much as the kitesurfer in the family… No worries mate!

Family Discounts

Yes we offer discounts for children. Please use our online calculator to see how the pricing works.