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Why Ride with Kitethrills


We understand your holiday time is rare and your annual kite trip is a coveted and valuable thing for you.   We want it to be not just hassle free but exceptional in every way. The kiting, hotel, location, wind, food, social, activities, photos, videos and memories are all aspects in which we aim to exceed expectations.
We are here to create an amazing and easy holiday that you want to go home and rave about and to bring your mates next year.


Our long history of running kitesurf tours and tours in Mauritius helps us to give our guests the best holidays possible.  Kitethrills first started coming to Mauritius in 2008 and since 2010 we have run tours for avid kitesurfers to this amazing spot, fast becoming agreed as the best spot in the world. In 2018 will be our 9th year running tours. We have now hosted 26 separate 2 week trips with over 270 guests for over 3500 nights in Mauritius. We are one of the longest running inbound tour operators for kitesurfing in Mauritius.


You can be assured our choice of local operators will lead to your experiences being positive, fun, easy and meeting or exceeding your expectations.  Since we first started running tours in Mauritius we have continued to develop good relationships with local operators, and we are now proud to say we have great cooperation with the top on-island operators.

PackagesFire on the beach in Mauritius

The inclusions in our packages have been developed over time and chosen to ensure best value for money, eliminate hassles or risks in your valuable holiday period, and ensure your time kitesurfing in perhaps the top spot in the world is as good as it could be. We’ve tailored the elements in each package to include the things that are either essential, or that will make the trip significantly better without significant extra cost.  Anything not in this group, that we believe is a good element or activity for some, we’ve made available as an optional add-on for those who want them.

Group Fun:

The group dynamic is always something people enjoy. Friendly new faces who share a common interest, regularly become long term friends.   The larger groups we travel in, and the social nature of Riu Creole, with its entertainment, inclusive food and alcohol, evening shows and dance floors, combined with the stoke and excitement of riding the worlds top waves and beautiful lagoons, naturally leads to stoked guests and a friendly atmosphere.

Mauritius was great for kiters. In our situation, with the whole family, we found there was so much more to do in Mauritius as a family.

Paul, Gold Coast Australia

The trip vastly exceeded my expectations – I was hoping for a 7 and got a 9.5/10. Here are a few areas where things exceeded my expectation:
– 100% kiting days – extremely rare and probably the biggest factor in whether a trip is great or so so
– perfect setup to learn wave riding – levels of breaks, instruction, boat support – an incredible setup to take your kiting to the next level
– the vibe – such a diverse fun group from families to couples to singles across all skill levels, no egos
– the resort – great food, music, shows, right on the beach – unlike the cringe expectation of a resort
– long list of activities for no wind days & non kiters

The wave caddying was sensational stuff – perhaps the best feature of the trip. Incredibly rare to get live coaching in the waves. Loved the low key approach and the chuckle in your ear just before getting slammed. Always felt safe – really important.

Mike, Sydney Australia

Wind consistency was a stand out. We kited 100% of days – that is special. Hotel set up and positioning was superb. Saying you have THE best location on this island is accurate.

The lessons were great. Mike you gave me confidence to tackle waves I would have been reluctant to do on my own – which was absolutely great. I also learned some new skills that were astutely pointed out from your experienced eye. The lessons gave me confidence and skill building and fast tracked my progress. They helped me get the most out of the fabulous location and I had fun in the process.

Matt, Melbourne Australia

There is so much to do in Mauritius.  I feel like I could come five times and still have lots of new experiences to discover.

Lisa, Sunshine Coast