Project Description


Mauritius is located in the western Indian Ocean at 20degrees south. About level with Exmouth, Mackay, Northern Chile, and central Madagascar. Kitethrills has been running tours in Mauritius, since 2010.

For kitesurfers it is widely known as perhaps the best destination in the world. With incredibly reliable winds, a selection of world class waves, a huge lagoon for freeride fun, warm water and excellent hotels, easy access, safety, loads of alternative activities, health and travel services, there is nowhere else in the world with such a combination or as much to offer.

The Winds

The most reliable winds are the SE trade winds from May to November. Typically winds pick up around 11am and blow through until sunset. The really big swells are most reliable August to October. The crowds arrive in late July and August and also October. For good long term observation statistics check this windfinder site.

Other Activities

For non-kiters, the rare windless days, or just for something different, Mauritius has a wide variety of alternative activities. With a land area of over 2000km2 and a culturally diverse populations around 1.3 million, there is a lot to see and do. A small selection of the available activities, but some of our favourites are described on our Alternative Activities page.