Le Morne has an enormous lagoon perfect for flat water kiting. Its warm water is about 26 degrees in winter. The lagoon is around 7km long south of Le Morne and around 1km wide. Its generally around waist deep with some spots deeper and some shallower. There is always plenty of space in the lagoon to find a big area for yourself and friends. Most of the lagoon is completely empty of kiters all the time.

There are three main areas for flat water kiting (click here for the gallery):

Kite Lagoon or “Beginner Bay”Le Morne Lagoon

This is where our local partners operate their kite schools. It has onshore winds, sandy bottom and very flat water. It’s a really great place to learn, being safe, easy and the perfect consistent depth.  Freestyle riders looking to progress their skills also ride here chasing the perfect flat water without any current.

The Upwind Area – Fly Solo

This is the least used area in the lagoon. It’s a huge area, empty and stunningly beautiful place to kite. The rugged green mountains set the backdrop behind the blue and green waters of the coral lagoon. Passe St Jacques to the south offers a narrow deep section with azure blue waters and the occasional manta ray or turtle. There’s a shallow sand bar and also some sections with coral heads to avoid.

The Western Area – Freeride Alleyfreeride kitesurf Mauritius with Kitethrills travel

This is the most popular area for freestyle and freeride kiters. Its close to the public beach and generally has an upwind current. There is also a small section right near the beach where the water flattens right out for clean boosts right in front of the beach. It’s a great place for spectators to watch some of the worlds best riders in action only meters away.