• bestofg2-7502

    Racing the rage!

    Gina Hewson is currently ranked 3rd on the Hydrofoil World Tour.  Shes a fierce competitor who races for the love of it.  Gina’s first day at One Eye saw her racing for different reasons.  Tip:  If you’re unsure of the wall down the line holding up for you, then play[…]

  • Baba Ricot in the eye of One Eye.  Photo:  Mike Walker, Nikon AW1

    Barrels at One Eye

    Tip: Getting in to the barrel at One Eye is a challenging task reserved for the skilled and courageous.  Choose the sections you’re sure you can get out of. Ride the wall high.  Try not to wash off too much speed as you try to pull in. Enjoy the strange[…]

  • Mike walker

    Smackable lips abound in Mauritius

    One Eye isn’t always a beast.  At times she’s totally smackable and pure fun. Tip: To get a good hit at the lip you need good drive off the bottom.  Give yourself enough room to squeeze down your bottom turn and attack the lip from the depths of the trough.  Don’t[…]