Book a Mauritius Trip before 25th April for FREE Excess Baggage!

Great flat water, fun for all levels!

Great flat water, fun for all levels!


We have struck a wicked deal with Air Mauritius – book your flights to any of our camps before 25th April and receive FREE excess baggage for your gear! (That’s a savings of $250!) Ring Mike on 0408 868 231 now for more info!

It’s been a great season here on the Sunshine Coast, but with winter rapidly approaching it’s time to plan your next kitesurf trip!

There are many places you could visit but there’s a reason why our expertly planned Mauritius trips book out – the place is hands down the kitesurfing Mecca!

Everything from miles of flat water lagoons, to small onshore waves suitable for learning or smoking side and offshore barrels guaranteed to blow your mind… and of course consistent wind!

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Some people question “But is it too crowded?”…. Well, fortunately, the ocean playground there is a large one, so there is still plenty of room!
The barrelling section at One Eye can get a little busy when it’s small and clean but the vast array of other wave spots and places to ride is enormous!


One seriously big water park!

One seriously big water park!


If you book now for our May trips you get a 100€ off the regular price – and seeing as it’s off-peak, you’re guaranteed the least amount of crowds.

Other dates are from early June – late July.

Mauritius is the mecca for a kitesurfing holiday with amazing scenery, flat water lagoons for beginners, incredible waves for all levels (surfing and kiting) and the hotel we stay at is excellent with lots of additional activities for the family (like a free beginners diving lesson, mountain hikes, whale watching and much more).

If your up for a kite trip to one of best places on this planet for the sport then check it out!

To book please fill in your details BOOK HERE – We will be in touch to sort out the discount etc!


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There are plenty of surf options from beginner easy waves to advanced barrel riding!



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